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  4. First: Prepare Your USB Drive
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I also installed lilo and ran liloconfig and lilo because I know them reasonably well and grub not at all and this did not have any effect.

I'm very experienced with Mandriva and used Red Hat many years ago, but this is my first time trying to install Ubuntu and my first time working with an Intel Mac. It might be relevant that I started this process by using Leopard's Boot Camp Assistant to shrink the HFS partition and make a Windows partition, and installed Windows into it before I thought better of that and decided to try Ubuntu instead. I did use Ubuntu's installer to delete the NTFS partition and make ext3 and swap partitions, but if there's some less obvious thing I should have done, I might have missed it.

Please let me know if there's any additional information I should provide to help troubleshoot this. I'm at the limit of my knowledge here, and I can't find any evidence that anyone else has ever had this problem. Any advice even links to other information would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks, Navrins. Adv Reply.

June 15th, 2. There is a bug in the hardy installer. Use the partition tool in refit to fix it.

How to Create and Boot From a Linux USB Drive on Mac

June 15th, 3. Originally Posted by cyberdork June 15th, 4. Originally Posted by navrins. That was easy Now I just get a white screen with a penguin in the middle. Well, one step forward Note the UUID string! Yours will be different.

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But do make sure the. And yes, you will have to type out that whole UUID. Now set the initrd initial RAM disk :. You should find yourself booted into your installation! So why is the system unbootable? It also expects certain files to be present.

First: Prepare Your USB Drive

Fire up the Terminal and enter:. Press enter to add the PPA. Then update your package list and install the necessary utilities:. Run the following command to check what is the name of the device where Ubuntu is installed:.

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Replace sdd with your USB device name. Print the partition table and confirm that the first partition has type EF Now we delete that EF00 partition:. Just press enter for the first and last sector options:. Use the p command to double-check your changes, and then w to write:. We can format it with replace sdd with your USB device name :. For system partitions eg.

How to Install and Dual-Boot Ubuntu on Mac

This will launch the nano text editor. Then run this to add the necessary entries to your fstab file, replacing sdd with your USB device name:. First, create the necessary directory on the EFI partition:.

Triple boot Apple Mac easily, with OS X , Fedora Linux and Windows 10

Now we need to install GRUB, and we need to be a bit explicit about where it should put its files:. The final step is to create the grub configuration:.

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  • The system should now be bootable! Simply do:.

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    This solved the problem for me.