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TradingView has a very slick system and they have put a huge amount of thought into how Fundamentals integrate into the analytics system. What makes TradingView stand out is the huge selection of economic indicators you can map and compare on a chart.


This is incredibly powerful. TradingView is built with social at the forefront and it is simply the best to socially share and learn, forget StockTwits, Tradingview is the best. Fully integrated chat systems, chat forums and an excellent way to share your drawings and analysis with a single click to any group or forum. Follow me on TradingView for regular market and stock analysis ideas and commentary. This makes for an excellent way to generate trade ideas or learn from other traders. You have to try it and see it in action to understand the power of the implementation.

However, I always warn be careful of who you listen too, you should always make up your own mind. They have also thoughtfully integrated a Kiplinger newsfeed, Stocktwits, and various FX newsfeeds.

Cisco ICND1 Practice Test Questions - VCE Exam Dumps - ExamCollection

With a social-first development methodology, combined with powerful economic statistics and a solid newsfeed it is a great package. As soon as you connect to TradingView you realize this is also developed for the community. You can look at community trade ideas, post your charts and ideas and join limitless numbers of groups covering everything from Bonds to Cryptocurrencies. Good but not perfect. TradingView has an active community of people developing and selling stock analysis systems and you can create and sell your own. Also, there are a huge number of indicators and systems from the community for free.

The only things you cannot do are forecast and implement Robotic Trading Automation. For that, you would be better off with QuantShare. For the back-testing element of the TradingView offering, there is a huge selection of systems that you can pick off the shelf and back-test using the strategy tester.

You can also implement your own using the PINE Editor, but you will have to learn the proprietary coding for that.

MetaTrader 4 – Mac

Beware, if someone found the magical formula, they would not be giving it away for free in a public marketplace. Within 5 minutes I was using TradingView, no credit card, no installation, no configuring data feeds, it was literally just there. TradingView is up and running with a single click. Even better is the fact it is already configured for use.

All controls are intuitive and the charts look amazing. It is quite a feat that it is so easy to use considering TradingView has so many data feeds and backend power. Recommended for day traders and those who need excellent real-time news, access to a huge stock systems market and powerful technical analysis with global data coverage all backed up with excellent customer services.

The latest release of Metastock XV was a big hit with improvements across the board.

Best online stock trading 12222: a beginners guide to the stock market

MetaStock XVI adds on to this legacy of continual improvement. Why do you need Refinitiv Xenith, because it is the premium stock market and financial markets research tool and includes a real-time news platform powered by Thomson Reuters. You will need to download and install MetaStock and configure your specific data feeds for the markets you want to trade.

So the software installation is not as slick and quick as competitors but the package is extremely powerful because it enables you to configure different data provider, like your broker for example. MetaStock has a clean sweep in terms of Stock Exchanges covered e. MetaStock is one of the biggest fish in the sea of stock market analysis software. Backed up by the mighty Thomson Reuters you can expect excellent fast global data coverage and broad market coverage. See in the News section below what Xenith can do.

However, for trading, you can use Refinitiv Xenith. They also have an incredible database of global fundamental data, not just on companies but countries, economies and industries. The filtering and scanning possibilities are endless. However, the wealth of data is first class. Using Refinitiv Xenith you can see a really in-depth analysis of company fundamentals from debt structure to top 10 investors, including level II market liquidity. Excellent watch lists featuring fundamentals and powerful scanning of the markets gets a perfect This is the fastest global news service available on the market including translations into all major languages.

Reuters also provides TV news coverage through smartphone and smart TV applications, it is after all the largest news agency in the world. Along with the package you get Reuters Insider alerts which are exclusive content and research provided by the expert analysts on the financial network team.

Apps for Australian Share Traders

Core features include detailed financial snapshots of a company. Take a look at the attention to detail here and the amount of original news coming in from the Reuters Network, you will get this news before anyone else. Included in Refinitiv Xenith you also get stock quotes, charts, detailed Analyst Estimates and a full listing of all financial details and SEC filings, complete with upcoming events listings so you are prepared for action.

Thomson Reuters as you can imagine covers everything including stock, options, bonds, futures, FX and macroeconomic news and data. An unparalleled source of information. The platform itself is very easy to use as MetaStock have placed an emphasis on the user experience and workflow.

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You can have multiple workspaces for multiple monitors and save each workspace seamlessly for reuse. Thomson Reuters the king of the real-time newsfeed and global market data coverage is the owner of MetaStock, so you get the entire wealth of knowledge included in the package. This should not be underestimated.

The Review: 7 Tough Rounds Of Comparisons

MetaStock however, does not have any social elements, which under normal circumstances, would detract from the score, however, because the news feeds are so strong it warranted still a 10 out of Forex forecasting based on sentiment is a feature that is absolutely exceptional. Never mind the broadest selection of technical analysis indicators on the market today. MetaStock is the king of technical analysis warranting a perfect MetaStock will also help you develop your own indicators based on their coding system. Finally, MetaStock racks up a perfect score on the drawing tools section, which includes Gann and Fibonacci tools.

Another area where MetaStock excels is what they call the expert advisors.

How To Use TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim Platform - Setting Alerts, Watchlist, Indicators

MetaStock harnesses a huge amount of inbuilt systems that will help you as a beginner or intermediate trader understand and profit from technical analysis patterns and well-researched systems. This is really a key area of advantage. The biggest addition to the MetaStock arsenal is the forecasting functionality which sets it apart from the crowd.

You can even use artificial intelligence like functionality to test a set of variables within your backtesting. You could for example test if price moves above the moving average 10,11,12,14,16,18 or 20, in a single test to see which of the moving averages best work with that stock. MetaStock is one of the few vendors that take forecasting really seriously. The system backtesting is great because it allows you to test if a theory, idea or set of analysis has worked in the past. Forecasting takes it to a whole new level by playing forward the backtesting to see how successful you might be with a strategy under certain circumstances.

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The configurable nature of the reporting for the results of both backtesting and forecasting are excellent. MetaStock has made huge strides this year in terms of installation and usability. You are up and running quickly and you do not need to spend time trying to configure data importers anymore unless you want to use a 3rd party provider.

Once installed the huge selection of automated expert advisors you can deploy on the selection of stocks in your purview make MetaStock well worth the investment. All in all a top class showing from MetaStock, simply put one of the best packages available. The depth of fundamental research and news in Refinitiv Xenith is staggering and the in-depth analysis, backtesting, and forecasting in MetaStock is industry leading.

follow link You can even by one-off licenses if you prefer. If you are looking for something without all the backtesting and forecasting and the better ease of use, then TradingView or TC are the better option and have better prices. If you are primarily interested in real-time news services to help your trading, take a look at our 10 Best Financial News Services Review.

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